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Shake'N'Drop Indigo Gem Haskap/Honeyberry

UoS Honeyberry or Haskap – Indigo Gem. Overview: Launched in 2011. Sweet/flavoursome berries, with a chewy texture. Good variety for U-Picks. 12/06/2015 · June 11, 2015: Indigo Gem haskap berries started turning purple this week and two legged predators are already after them. The berries need another two to three weeks to fully ripen, but after a long winter with no locally. 26/06/2018 · Using the shake'n'drop method for harvesting Indigo Gem haskap/honeyberry we can get 25-45 lb/hour/person. This video is of our 2018 harvest at The Honeyberry Farm at Bagley, MN. We put the trays right into.

Indigo Gem is a Honeyberry variety selected by the University of Saskatchewan. It is a fast growing, high yielding berry that is well suited for commercial production. Pale Yellow flowers in spring are followed by great tasting blueberry-like fruit that ripens mid-June. similar to most haskap but it has half the acidity of most other Haskap. That low acidity makes it taste sweeter. ‘Aurora’ has an upright growth habit ideal for mechanical harvesting. It will grow 1.5 to 2.0 m tall. Young plants of it are growing 50% taller than ‘Tundra’ or ‘Indigo Gem’ varieties. It has a. 15/10/2017 · Indigo Gem Haskap berries start off green, ripen with a dusty blue color as they grow, and have an elongated oval shape. Similar to blueberries, these berries have a slightly tart yet very sweet flavor. Indigo Gems have a chewy and firm texture that make them perfect for snacking. Indigo’s Honeyberry or Haskap Harvester. Good Morning, we are happy to post details of the Indigo’s Honeyberry or Haskap harvester. Apologies we should describe it as a Camerise Harvester or by its design name A-R16 – Jaseur des Champs! Indigo Gem has fruit similar in size and firmness to the Tundra variety, making it suitable for commercial production or your home garden. Indigo Gem, like the Borealis Haskap, does not self-pollinate well. We recommend another variety, such as Honeybee or Berry Blue Honeyberry, be planted at a minimum 1:8 ratio with it to boost fruit production.

Indigo Gem Honeyberry is a variety selected by the University of Saskatchewan. Indigo Gem Honeyberry is a fast growing, high yielding berry that is well suited for commercial production. Pale Yellow flowers in spring are followed by great tasting blueberry-like fruit that ripens mid-June.
Pollenizers: Berry Smart Blue, Tundra, Indigo Gem, Indigo Treat, Borealis, Honey Bee Pros Our favorite early blooming variety One of the largest berries, with fantastic taste, fast grower and very good productivity Balance between low sugar and low acid ratio. Indigo Gem yields fruits that are excellent in quality. This cultivar would be the choice for mechanical harvest for the fresh or process markets. The fruits of most Haskap cultivars are soft and melt in your mouth when eaten whereas the Indigo Gem has thicker. Some cultivars are suitable for mechanical harvest, for larger volumes, which helps to reduce manpower costs. Haskap requires cross-pollination for maximum yields. This is an outstanding variety for you to discover. Indigo Gem Licensed variety This cultivar has. Indigo Gem has the upright with good growth habit. They have medium branching structure and develops dome shape crown. AgriForest launched the product in 2011.

Membership fee can be etransferred to Treasurer Shauna Bokenfohr sbok@ with password Haskap or mailed to 55231 Highway 2 Sturgeon County AB T8R 0G5 Voting Membership Grower over 300 Haskap Bushes = $150.00 Non-Voting Membership Grower under 300 Haskap Bushes = $125.00. Lonicera caerulea, also known by its common names blue honeysuckle, sweetberry honeysuckle, fly honeysuckle blue fly honeysuckle, blue-berried honeysuckle, or the honeyberry, is a non-climbing honeysuckle native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in countries such as Canada, Japan, Russia, and Poland. INDIGO GEM Haskap plugs are currently licensed for shipment to CANADA and UNITED STATES Prices start at $16.95 per plug CAD Canadian Dollars. Get together with family, friends, fellow gardeners and co-workers to order together and take advantage of our DISCOUNT pricing.

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