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To give something, usually for free. buss is a term used in the "aina" or in other words the hawaiian islands to describe the state of being high/drunk out of your mind. Okay, so Top 10 Reasons Why Taking the Bus Rocks: Firstly, you don't have to wear a seatbelt. Anyone who says they like wearing seatbelts is gay. And a liar. Secondly, the people are really weird. Like ther's one guy I used to see EVERYWHERE who's all normal and shit, except that he wears skirts. Not kilts. Skirts. What this means is that you.

When something is better than good. it’s like reallllyy good.AMAZING. 1- A term used to describe having fun. Usually related to sexual acts. 2- An exclamatory remark, a call for action.

someone, generally a girl, who sleeps with a lot of people, as in, someone who people get on and off a lot. What does bus mean in Urban Dictionary?: A slang term regularly describe a female or woman that is rotund, fat, large, and who gets around alot. 'Public transport' for everybody. 'a large woman which.

The church on the way to school that looks like a bus depot. 1. Two School Busses having sex 2. A Person having sex with a bus 3. Two people have sex on a bus 4. Two Bus drivers having sex on a bus 5. A bus driver having sex with a non bus driver on a bus~. Descubra as tendências de moda feminina e moda para homem. Jeans para mulher e homem, calções, vestidos, macacões, camisolas, tops e camisas. Define buss. buss synonyms, buss pronunciation, buss translation, English dictionary definition of buss. tr. & intr.v. bussed, buss·ing, buss·es To kiss. n. A kiss. n, vb an archaic or dialect word for kiss n Frances Mary. 1827–94.

Shuttle bus services provide transit service between two destinations, such as an airport and city center. Shuttle bus services are often provided by colleges, airports, shopping areas, companies, and amusement destinations. Tour bus service shows tourists notable sights by bus. Buss definition, kiss. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986. What does Party Bus mean in Urban Dictionary?: A bus in which you can have a party on.; Party coach identifies some one, person, with an ass which is designed for.

Urban Dictionarybuss it.

What does Bus Monkey mean in Urban Dictionary?: whoever drives a public transportation coach. The definition of began for Toronto Transit Commission coach drivers, though it may be applied to whoever. BUS URBAN WEAR, Barcelos, Braga, Portugal, 39 mil gostos. bus driver definition: someone whose job is to drive a bus:. Learn more.

Urban Dictionarybus station church.

What does short bus mean in Urban Dictionary?: A bus that people who can't spell derogatory take.; Generally, the brief bus is a smaller sized form of a frequent school bus that carries psychologically. What does buss it mean in Urban Dictionary?: 1- A term regularly describe having fun. Often related to sexual functions.2- An exclamatory remark, a call to use it. What does nigger bus mean in Urban Dictionary?: Usually; however limited also, a Chevy suburban with hooptie wheels, getto blaster stereo, meant to haul 12 or higher niggers at a time. Almost certainly.

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